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Treat yourself to a slice of heaven.

Put one of our premium latex toppers on an existing sleep surface and instantly transform your bed. Our toppers are made from 100% Natural Talalay. They are natural, hypoallergenic, and offer cooler sleeping than any other sleep surface on the market. We offer two different layer thicknesses, four different levels of firmness, and an option to purchase our luxurious, organic cotton cover. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

DIY Latex Mattress

Our Certifications

Top Reasons Customers Buy Latex Mattress Factory Toppers, and A Helpful Guide on Choosing the Right Topper For You

  1. Buying the perfect latex anything is a nightmare. The more research you do, the more confusing it gets.
  1. Being stuck with something you don't want is even worse. So, you went ahead and did the research and bought a new bed. It was perfect. Until it wasn't.
  1. Take matters into your own hands. Purchasing a latex topper is the perfect DIY cure to just about any bed ailment. Put a topper on an existing sleep surface, use it as a super comfortable minimalistic mattress, or buy a few and build your latex foam mattress from the bottom up. We offer latex toppers in two thicknesses, 2" for a change in feel, and 3" for a change in support.

There's a science to sleep.

Find the right firmness formula for you. ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. In simple terms, it is a measurement of how hard or soft a surface is. More accurately, it's a measurement of the force required to compress any material by 25% of its thickness. Our Latex Topper is available in three different firmness options: soft (19 ILD), medium (28 ILD), firm (38 ILD).

  • Soft (19 ILD) - is excellent for any side sleeper seeking contour and pressure relief.
  • Medium (28 ILD) - offers the perfect balance of contour and support for any side to back sleeper. It's perfect for couples looking for a compromise between cushion and support.
  • Firm (38 ILD) - provides great pressure relief and support for stomach sleepers or any sleeper that prefers a firm sleep surface.
  • Extra Firm (44 ILD) - exceptional support with little contour 

Be comfortable

Natural latex is the end of "tossing and turning," and sweating yourself awake. Latex's open-cell structure offers excellent circulation for cooler and comfortable sleeping. It's immediately responsive and provides pinpointed support which adjusts instantly with movement. No more sinking into your bed. No more buildup of pressure points. No more drowning in your own sweat. Absolutely no more sleep disruption.

Be clean

Natural latex is the ultimate, hypoallergenic sleeping surface on the market. Dust mites and many other organisms (mold, fungal organisms, mildew, and bacteria) can't live in latex due to its low PH. This makes latex the cleanest, most hygienic, natural sleep surface on the market.

Limiting your exposure to harmful chemicals is the healthy choice

Our natural latex toppers are certified by Oeko-Tex and Eco-Institute. There are absolutely no VOCS (volatile organic compounds which can release harmful emissions.) There are no synthetics, no fillers, no hidden fire retardants, and no surprise compounds. What you get is what you see, and we're happy to show off.

Also, just an FYI, there are virtually no odors associated with natural latex with the exception of that awesome "new" rubber smell. And we're sad to report that it doesn't last longer than a week.

Get LIVE help you can trust!

Our sales associates don't work off commission, and we are passionate about the products we sell. If you have any doubts, questions, or just need someone to point you in the right direction, let our industry professionals lend you a helping hand. We value the smart shopper, and it's our pleasure to share our knowledge in hopes that the cycle of education will continue to ripple and grow.

We are a family-owned, factory direct store. This means our overhead is minimal, which allows us to happily pass on those savings to our customers, and we proudly manufacture all our products in the USA.

We believe in saving our planet (and our wallets). 100% Natural Talalay latex is a natural, safe, and sustainable product. Also, purchasing a latex mattress topper from Latex Mattress Factory and adding it to an existing mattress gives our customers the option of recycling the mattress they already have by providing an eco-friendly solution as opposed to creating more waste by purchasing a new bed.

1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, free shipping, and no assembly required ...which incidentally leaves you more time to sleep. You're welcome.

Organic Cotton Zippered Cover

Elevate your sleeping experience with our organic stretch cotton zippered cover, designed to provide not only a touch of elegance but also an additional level of luxurious softness to your latex layer. Complete your latex topper with this exquisite cover for a truly refined and plush sleep environment.

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Size: Twin (38 x 74)
Thickness: 2"