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Natural Quilted Cover


DIY — Build your latex mattress by picking the next component.

360° Zipped Cover

We take as much care in crafting our natural quilted cover as we do sourcing our latex. Each hand-sewn cover is made of 100% organic cotton that has been quilted to New Zealand Joma Wool. The 360° zipper makes assembly a breeze and allows you to replace and rearrange layers or components as needed, as well as remove them completely for spot cleaning and airing out. Replacement natural quilted mattress covers are available.

Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton Quilted Covers

Our cotton quilted covers provide a soft, breathable surface for your comfort. Our natural cotton quilt covers provide just enough stretch so that your mattress is easy to assemble and that the cover stays taught. We are committed to using only the highest quality material, which is why polyester is never used in our natural quilted covers. Rest assured when you choose our quilted covers, you are getting a product that is crafted with care and designed to provide optimal comfort and durability.

Organic Wool for Mattresses

Natural Joma Wool

Our natural cotton quilted cover is infused with Joma Wool. Joma Wool is a premium high-quality natural fiber, grown in New Zealand and used worldwide by some of the most esteemed bedding manufacturers. Using wool provides better airflow, efficiently wicks away moisture, and serves as a natural fire barrier for the mattress. Wool is a natural solution, unlike other fire-retardant chemicals used in many mattresses. Protection with natural wool can only be done by using several layers packed together. We take great care in crafting our covers to ensure that you can sleep comfortably and safely, with the peace of mind that comes from using high-quality and natural materials.