Latex Mattress Factory Component Certifications


Supplier Certifications


The Eco-Institut certification verifies that there are no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), organic pollutants, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Aprico Eco-Institut Certificate

Radium Eco-Institut Certificate

Talalay Global Eco-Institut Certificate

Cradle to Cradle Gold

The Cradle to Cradle certification evaluates that products consider and minimize the environmental impact, such as using renewable energy and water sources for manufacturing.

Radium Cradle to Cradle Gold Certificate

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance certification means that they have independently assessed that the production process promotes and considers the environmental effects and protects forest biodiversity.

Radium Forest Alliance Certificate


The OEKO-TEX certification affirms that a product is free of harmful chemicals. The three categories of harmful materials tested by Okeo-Tex are: banned and controlled substances, chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not controlled), and guidelines for protecting health. Latex Mattress Factory components are certified by OEKO-TEX to be guaranteed free of potentially harmful substances, letting you rest easy.

Aprico Global OEKO-TEX Certificate

Radium OEKO-TEX Certificate

Talalay Global OEKO-TEX Natural Certificate


The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) ensures at every step in the manufacturing process that a latex product meets certain requirements to guarantee that it is a safe, sustainable, natural product. Latex Mattress Factory supplys organic latex that is certified by GOLS to ensure that our products are natural and safe for our customers.

Aprico GOLS Scope Certificate