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Ironwood Mattress Foundation

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Foundation Legs

Experience simplicity and support with our Upholstered 8" Mattress Foundation. This foundation seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, featuring a meticulously upholstered finish that adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom. Beneath its refined exterior lies a robust structure designed to provide your mattress with unwavering support, ensuring both durability and comfort. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the perfect fusion of style and substance, as our Upholstered Mattress Foundation promises not only a solid base for your mattress but also a tasteful addition to your bedroom decor.

*Bedframe Not Included*

Upholstered 8" Foundation/Platform

The Upholstered 8" Foundation/Platform is a meticulously crafted support system designed to complement and enhance your mattress. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, this foundation not only provides optimal support but also elevates the overall style of your sleep space.


The Upholstered Foundation/Platform boasts exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting support and structural integrity for years to come.

1-Year Warranty

The Upholstered Foundation/Platform is backed by a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in the longevity and quality of your sleep support system.

Free Delivery

Enjoy the added convenience with free delivery on the Upholstered Foundation/Platform, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience as it arrives at your doorstep.

Easy Setup

Setting up the Upholstered Foundation/Platform is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes for a quick and effortless assembly, providing instant support and style to your sleep space.

Optional Legs

The Upholstered Foundation/Platform offers additional versatility with optional legs available for purchase, allowing you to easily transform the foundation into a stylish platform base to suit your aesthetic preferences.