Luxerion Latex Mattress

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What’s Inside Our Latex Mattress?

What's Inside Our Latex Mattress
Comfort Layer - 100% Natural Dunlop GOLS

3” comfort layer of Organic Dunlop sourced in Sri Lanka

Transition Layer - 100% Natural Dunlop GOLS

3” transition layer of Organic Dunlop sourced in Sri Lanka

Support Layer - 100% Natural Dunlop GOLS

3” support layer of Organic Dunlop sourced in Sri Lanka

Organic Cotton Zippered Cover

Organic cotton zippered cover offers a soft, breathable surface and facilitates easy access to the latex layers.

New Zealand Joma Wool

1 inch of environmentally friendly New Zealand Joma Wool offers temperature regulation and effectively wicks away moisture.

Luxerion Latex Mattress

Mattress Construction

Three, 3" Layers of 100% Natural Dunlop (GOLS) Latex.
Zippered Organic Cotton Knit Cover - Quilted to 1" of New Zealand Joma Wool.

Introducing the Luxerion Latex mattress with Organic Dunlop (GOLS) certified latex, offered in three distinct options. Personalize your sleep experience by selecting the ideal natural latex foam mattress to match your preferences. Embrace the exceptional comfort and quality, fostering restful sleep night after night. Additionally, the zippered cover provides the ability to adjust comfort levels for your convenience.

The Luxerion Latex Mattress offers 3 of the most popular firmness selections to choose from.

Mattress Firmness: Soft

10” Soft
Ideal for side or back sleepers, our Soft mattress effortlessly conforms to your body's contours, ensuring superior pressure relief, support, and a plush surface that eases tension and relaxes muscles for a restful night.

Mattress Firmness: Medium

10” Medium
Catering to back, side, or combination sleepers, our Medium mattress offers optimal cushioning with essential support, creating a harmonious blend of softness and firmness. Achieve the ideal balance that accommodates a diverse range of sleep preferences.

Mattress Firmness: Firm

10” Firm
Optimal for stomach sleepers and those in search of robust support, our Firm mattress ensures a stable and solid sleep surface. Experience the sensation of sleeping atop the mattress, providing resilient alignment and unwavering support for a restful night.

Natural Materials for Peace of Mind

Natural Latex Materials For Our Latex Mattresses

100% Natural Dunlop (GOLS)

Indulge in remarkable comfort, hypoallergenic assurance, and safety with our 100% Natural Latex. Enjoy cooler sleep compared to any other foam available. Rest assured, our natural latex is certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), Oeko-Tex, and Eco-Institute, reflecting our commitment to quality.

New Zealand Joma Wool

Joma Wool is a high-quality natural fiber, grown in New Zealand where animals and the environment are treated with the utmost care. Trusted by renowned mattress and bedding manufacturers globally, wool provides better airflow and efficiently wicks away moisture. Wool is a natural solution, unlike other fire retardant chemicals used in many mattresses.

Zippered Organic Cover

Our cotton covers provide a soft, breathable surface for your comfort, while the meticulous hand-sewn craftsmanship ensures organic cotton's blend with quilted natural wool. The zipper simplifies assembly, aiding in layer replacement, rearrangement, and easy removal for spot cleaning and refreshing.