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Building the Perfect Mattress

Where do I start? Study what kind of sleeper you are. Do you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach, or side? Back and stomach sleepers tend to enjoy firmer mattresses, while side sleepers need softer mattresses. Those of us that sleep on our tummies with one of our legs hiked up frequently need contour directly beneath our supportive layer. Once you figure out what kind of sleeper you are, you will understand what kind of bed you should be building. We recommend spending some time identifying the things you enjoy about your current bed, as well as problems you might be experiencing. Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? If you are experiencing lower back pain, it...

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Certified Safety for Piece of Mind

Latex is already famous for being hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, and for being inhospitable to dust mites. But how do you know if you're buying the real thing? When searching for a mattress, topper, or any other bedroom related furniture, it's important to consider what the products are composed of and what entities can support the retailers’ claims. Companies that carry certifications recognize the importance of consumer health issues. Many times, these certifications are all a consumer can really depend on to be sure they're buying a safe product. And yes, certifications can seem confusing, but it's important to understand what they mean. Below, Latex Mattress Factory has offered a brief overview on our certifications. About Oeko-Tex Certifications...

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