Latex Mattress Core

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Build the bed of your dreams.

Our 6” Eco-Latex Green 100% Natural Dunlop premium latex cores contain nothing but natural latex harvested from the best latex plantations in Sri Lanka - Latex Green & Eco-Latex. We offer six-inch cores in three different firmnesses: soft 19 ILD, medium (28 ILD), and firm (38 ILD). A 6” medium or firm core offers exceptional support and comfort for any sleeper weighing up to 250 lbs. To build your own mattress, start with a 6" core, add comfort layers, and one of our optional luxurious, stretch cotton covers.

DIY Latex Mattress

Our Certifications

Top Reasons Sleepers Choose Our Latex Cores, and a Helpful Guide on How to DIY a Latex Mattress

  1. Certified green latex. Our 6" Eco-Latex Green 100% Natural Dunlop cores are certified by Oeko-Tex and Eco-Institute. There are absolutely no VOCs, no synthetics, no fillers, no hidden fire retardants, and no surprise compounds.
  2. The most natural process. The Dunlop process hasn't changed since 1929. Latex is poured into what looks like a massive waffle iron. Natural sediments in the mixture collect at the bottom during the baking process, which means that each layer has a subtle increase in density. Once baked, the latex is washed clean of any excess proteins (which is the source of most latex allergies) and compressed for shipping.
  3. Priceless benefits. 100% Natural Dunlop latex is a naturally hypoallergenic sleep surface. Dust mites, mold, and many other organisms can't survive in latex due to its low PH level, which ensures that latex is the cleanest, most hygienic, sleep surface in today's market. Also, there are virtually no odors associated with natural latex with the exception of that awesome new rubber smell. And once again, we're sad to report that it doesn't last longer than a week.
  4. Exceptional comfort. 100% Natural Dunlop has an open-cell structure and the consistency of pound cake. It's naturally resilient, breathable, and instantly responsive. Latex offers pinpointed pressure relief, and displaces weight laterally, which means you'll sleep "on" your mattress rather than "in" it. No more "tossing and turning." No more sleeping "hot." No more sleep interruption.
  5. Take complete control. Our cores are available in four different firmnesses. Use a 6-inch core as a standalone mattress, or as a component in a variety of fantastic DIY latex mattresses.