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Refer friends and earn money with Latex Mattress Factory

Our referral program lets you earn rewards by sharing the comfort and quality of our mattresses with your loved ones. Sign up to receive a unique share link, which you can easily pass on to family, friends, or colleagues. When someone makes a purchase using your link, you'll be rewarded for spreading the word about Latex Mattress Factory. It's easy to join, and there are no signup fees. With tracking handled automatically, you can sit back and watch the rewards roll in with each successful referral. Join today and start earning rewards for sharing the comfort of Latex Mattress Factory!

Tatum F. Earned $250 so far
Jenny M. Earned $50 so far
Bryce S. Earned $175 so far
Taylor C. Earned $20 so far
Tatum F. Earned $250 so far
Tatum F. Earned $250 so far
Jenny M. Earned $50 so far
Bryce S. Earned $175 so far
Taylor C. Earned $20 so far
Tatum F. Earned $250 so far

Joining our rewards program is simple. Visit to get started.


Just choose your preferred sharing method: social media, email, or simply copy your unique link to share via text message.

Earn Rewards

After you've spread the word, relax and leave the rest to us. When a referral you've made results in a purchase, we'll send some cash your way!

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There's no limit on how many times you can share!

There's no limit on how much money you can earn!

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Our other customers have asked...

Is it necessary for me to make a purchase in order to enroll in the rewards program?

Yes, this program is available to all of our loyal LMF customers! We would love you to help us spread the word about our wonderful products!

Earn $$ while you support our brand!

What is the limit on the number of times I can share, and how many rewards am I eligible to collec

Fantastic update: Feel free to spread the word to as many individuals as you like, and there's no limit to the rewards you can earn!

How do I claim my rewards?

Rest assured, we'll take care of the process for you. Once your payout threshold is reached, an automatic email will be generated and sent to the email associated with your account, providing you with a claim link to redeem your reward!

Please remember, to be eligible for your reward, your referred friend must retain their product throughout the entire trial period. But don't worry, we're confident they'll be delighted with their purchase!

Where can I check my accumulated rewards?

Now that rewards are coming in, you can easily monitor your progress. Just head to and click on "My Stats" from the gray tab. An email will then be dispatched to you containing all the details of your rewards and earnings.

How can I distribute my unique link via text message or email?

Sharing is effortless with us. Your success is our success! Begin Sharing Now and select your preferred sharing method. Simply complete the required fields and send it via text, email, or messenger!

What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions:

In order to qualify for the $50 discount and advocate reward, your referral must make a purchase totaling over $600. The purchase will undergo review and become eligible for the reward payout once all items on the referral order surpass the specified trial period. Please note that orders that are returned will not qualify for the advocate reward.

Coupons cannot be stacked with any current specials. This means that the greater discount will be applicable and cannot be combined with other offers. However, the advocate reward is still eligible upon a qualified purchase made by referral.

For any questions please contact our friendly support staff at

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