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Organic Stretch Cotton Topper Covers

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Protect Your Latex With Our Organic Cotton Mattress Topper Cover

Our durable and organic stretch cotton mattress topper covers provide a luxurious soft sheath for any combination of latex toppers. Each cover is comprised of 100% organic cotton, with a durable non-slip bottom cotton panel, and a zipper that allows for easy access to the latex layer enclosed within. This topper cover envelops the foam entirely without causing any restriction to its movement, thanks to its stretchable material. 

Natural Cotton Mattress Cover

Benefits of Our Organic Cotton Topper Covers

  • Be close to the benefits of natural latex. Our cotton covers are thin, durable, breathable, and the ultimate accessory for your new latex topper.
  • Protect your investment with our natural cotton mattress cover. Enclosing your latex in one of our organic stretch cotton covers protects and adds longevity to your latex topper by protecting the layer from environmental elements, such as dust and dirt.
  • Stay clean. Our mattress covers are easy to remove for cleaning. Note our covers are not machine washable. Conventional cotton is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Our organic cotton covers are not treated, so in order to keep them clean, we recommend hand-washing in cold water and letting them air dry.
  • Endless choices. Our cotton mattress topper covers have four-way stretch characteristics, allowing them to comfortably accommodate just about any sleep system.
  • Quality you can trust. All of our cotton covers are made right here in our Phoenix factory, and we inspect each and every one to ensure our customers are getting a sturdy, American-made product.

Our cotton mattress topper cover is perfect for any latex mattress. Browse our website to find the perfect latex mattress including the Luxerion Latex Mattress, the RV Latex Mattress, and more. We also have latex mattress toppers and accessories.