What is the Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

If you are someone who sleeps hot, your mattress choice is critical in finding relief. Most people focus on top-layer comfort when choosing a mattress, considering only if they will be sleeping on a soft or firm surface. Unfortunately, many of the materials used to create the sleeping surface (and even entire mattresses) have little to no airflow. The worst offender is memory foam, which is considered the hottest sleeping surface on the market (and not in a good way.)


The best option to provide both comfort and breathability is to choose a mattress made entirely of latex. Latex foam is available in a variety of firmness options so that finding the right amount of plushness is relatively easy. Latex foam also has a unique open-cell structure that allows airflow through the mattress and when the foam is pressed into molds to create the sheets, pinholes are punched throughout to further increase airflow and provide flexibility of the sheet. Therefore, a mattress that is made entirely of latex will sleep much cooler than most other mattresses available.


When considering an all-latex mattress for its breathability, you must also consider the mattress cover. All-natural materials like cotton and wool offer the most airflow, while synthetic materials like polyester will limit the airflow, thus negating the breathability of your latex.


Another consideration for maximizing the breathability of your mattress is the foundation it sits on. It is recommended to use a foundation that also provides excellent airflow. Such foundations include those with slats that are placed less than 3 inches apart to provide proper support with maximum air ventilation.


People who sleep hot might also consider a latex mattress topper if they are not yet ready to purchase a whole new mattress. This will help provide some airflow and is a good way to test out latex as a mattress material before fully committing.