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How to Make a Firm Mattress Softer

How to Make Your Mattress Softer: The Scenario

Customer A and his wife are the proud owners of a Sleep Number airbed. The bed is too firm for him and his wife, so they are trying to find out how to make the firm mattress softer. He has tried decreasing the amount of pressure in the bed but it makes the bed feel as though it’s sagging. He is still waking up with pressure points and sore hips.

He has looked into buying a memory foam topper, but in his research found that latex would be a better solution. He reached out to us to find the right thickness and firmness for his new mattress topper.

How to Make Your Latex Mattress Softer

How to Make a Firm Bed Softer: The Solution

Many mattresses are too firm, most airbeds in particular come with a thin layer of foam beneath the quilted top. This foam is often all the mattress's softness, regardless of the firmness setting. If he had gone the memory foam route, he would have sunk right through the memory foam and found no real difference in the feel.

If you’re looking for how to make your mattress softer, we recommended a 2-inch soft latex topper. Latex not only softens the mattress, but it also supports your body, which memory foam will not do. He can increase or decrease the firmness setting on his mattress and still get the soft feeling from the latex topper. With a Sleep Number bed, he can either replace the layer of foam inside the mattress with the latex topper or get a cover for the topper and just put it on top of his mattress.

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