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What is the Best Foundation for a Latex Mattress?

Latex mattresses require a proper foundation to ensure maximum comfort and to protect the mattress from premature wear. You may not put too much thought into your foundation (or boxspring as some call it) when purchasing a new latex mattress, but just like a home needs a proper foundation, so does your mattress. Read on to learn how to find the best bed frame for a latex mattress.

Best Foundation for Latex Mattress

What is the Best Bed Frame for a Latex Mattress?

Option 1: Use No Foundation: Ok, I know I just said it is important to use a proper foundation, but for beds that don't require one, you can go without. Platform beds are designed for the mattress to be placed directly on the frame's surface. As long as the bed has supports that are 3" or less apart, you can use your natural latex mattress without a foundation.

Option 2: Slatted Wood Foundation: The foundations are the best for latex mattresses because they offer uniform support as well as exceptional airflow. Look for foundations whose slats are 3" or less apart, like our Natural Wood Foundation or this slatted wood boxspring from US Box Spring.

Do Not Use: If you’re looking for the best foundation for a latex mattress, it is not recommended that you use a traditional spring foundation with your latex mattress. These foundations lack the proper support for the foam and will cause sinking in your mattress as well as overall discomfort. Typically mattresses that have been used on this type of foundation are not eligible for warranty protection.

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