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The Airbed Dilemma - How Our Customer Improved Their Sleep Number Mattress

The Scenario

Customer A and his wife are the proud owners of a Sleep Number airbed. The bed is too firm for him and his wife. He’s tried decreasing the amount of pressure in the bed, but that makes the bed feel as though it’s sagging and he’s still waking up with pressure points (and sore hips).

He’s looked into buying a memory foam topper, but in his research he found latex to be a better product. He reached out to us to find the right thickness and firmness for his new latex mattress topper.

The Solution

Sleep Number mattress comes with a thin layer of foam between the air bladder and the quilted top. With 2 inches of memory foam, he'd just sink right through the foam. Because the nature of memory foam is not to support; you will drop into the surface pressure of the air bladder. This surface pressure will cause the mattress to feel firm no matter what setting you use.

Therefore, we recommend a 2-inch soft latex topper, and here's the reason why. The 2-inch latex layer can replace the layer of foam that is already in the Sleep Number. Latex not only softens the mattress, but it also supports your body. Because of this, he can also increase the air in his Sleep Number and still not feel the firm surface of the air bladder. The customer can also leave their existing foam in their Sleep Number bed and place the 2-inch latex topper on top.


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