Natural Grand Latex Mattress

Naturale Grand - Sold as a Complete Set

The Best Mattress For Heavy People

  • 2 Layer 100% Natural Latex
  • Includes Solid Wood Foundation
  • Top Layer Replacement Program Increases Life Of Mattress


Natural Grand Latex Mattress

High BMI? We've Got The Mattress For You.

Are you frustrated because finding the best mattress for heavy people is so hard? We think that buying a mattress should be easy, and that you shouldn't have to replace them every few years just because you're a little heavier than average mattress can handle. We designed the Naturale Grand based on feedback from over 40 years of selling factory-direct to customers of all shapes and sizes.

2 100% Natural Latex Layers


Our extra-firm (38 ILD) 6" Eco-Latex Green 100% Natural Dunlop premium latex cores contain nothing but natural latex harvested from the best latex plantations in Sri Lanka - Latex Green & Eco Latex.


Our 3" premium latex top layer is made from medium density (28 ILD) 100% Eco-Latex Green Natural Dunlop to provide maximum comfort in all sleeping positions. It is organic, hypoallergenic, and offers cooler sleeping than any other sleep surface on the market.

Stretch Cotton Cover

Out durable stretch cotton cover is made of 80% natural cotton and 20% polyester, with a durable non-slip bottom panel, and a 360-degree zipper that allows you to easily open and replace the latex layers enclosed within.

Solid Wood Foundation

We pair your 100% natural latex mattress with the highest quality solid wood foundation to ensure your comfort and support. This foundation comes in 2 heights - a lower profile 5.5" or standard height of 8". Superior support for your latex mattress is provided by 15 wood slats, spaced purposefully to support of your mattress and you - up to 1,500 lbs. This foundation is easy to assembly and requires no tools for set up. Cotton cover with quilted border included.

Top Layer Replacement Program

Thanks to gravity, heavier people are going to wear out their mattresses more quickly. However, we don't think this should mean replacing your entire mattress each time you need a refresh. Through our top layer replacement program, you will receive 30% off your 3" replacable top layer whenever you're starting to feel like you're mattress has lost its "oomph".

Why Choose Latex Mattress Factory?

Your Health Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, and are an inhospitable environment for dust mites and bed bugs. Our mattresses only contain 100% Natural Dunlop latex from Eco-Latex Green. There's no polyurethane, no synthetic filters, and absolutely no surprising compounds.

Your Comfort Our 100% Natural Dunlop latex provides superior support. The 3" top layer contours to your body in all the right places, while the underlying 6" extra-firm core provides the structure needed to support bodies of every size. Latex also helps regulate your body temperature, without trapping heat like traditional mattresses.

Your Wallet We believe in saving our planet (and your wallet). 100% Natural Dunlop latex is an organic, safe, and sustainable product. Also, our top-layer replacement program provides a financial and eco-friendly alternative to replacing your mattress at increased frequency.