Mattresses Made for Plus-Sized People

Mattresses Built for Plus-Size People

Are you frustrated because finding the best mattress for heavy people is so hard? We think buying a mattress should be easy, and that you shouldn't have to replace them every few years just because you're a little heavier than the average mattress can handle. We designed our (MATTRESS) to reflect your BMI, with an understanding that there's more to the equation than just a number on the scale.

How We Make The (Mattress)

6" Base Layer

Our extra-firm (38 ILD) 6" Eco-Latex Green 100% Natural Dunlop premium latex cores contain nothing but natural latex harvested from the best latex plantations in Sri Lanka - Latex Green & Eco-Latex.

3" Top Layer

Our premium latex top layer is made from 100% Eco-Latex Green Natural Dunlop. It is organic, hypoallergenic, and offers cooler sleeping than any other sleep surface on the market. Choose from soft, medium, and firm.

Stretch Cotton Cover

Our durable stretch cotton cover is MADE of 80% natural cotton and 20% polyester, with a durable non-slip bottom panel, and a 360-degree zipper that allows you to easily open and replace the latex layers enclosed within.

Find Your Perfect Match

Build your perfect mattress by simply entering your bed size, height, weight, and sleeping position below. Our algorithms will do the rest! Think you know bette than we do? You can easily change your preferences in the drop down menu.

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Top Layer Replacement Program

Thanks to gravity, heavier people are going to wear out their mattresses more quickly. However, we don't think this should mean replacing your entire mattress each time you need a refresh. Through our top layer replacement program, you will receive 50% off your 3" replaceable top layer whenever you're starting to feel like your mattress has lost it's "oomph."

Why Choose Latex?

Naturally Adaptive

Hidden inside latex is the secret to its adaptability and comfort. The natural and unique cell structure of the material allows latex to be flexible and envelop your body, while still supporting your body. The structure also provides relief for primary pressure points throughout the night.

Dynamic Support

Dunlop latex provides essential support and often is firmer than Talalay latex. As a newer technology, Talalay latex provides a softer yet more consistent feel. For decades, customers have recognized that combining Dunlop base layers and a Talalay top layer provides the support most people need.

Stay Cool

The natural properties of latex layers allow air to flow naturally in the mattress. Latex whisks away moisture and regulates your temperature throughout the night, without trapping heat like traditional mattresses.