DIY Latex Mattress Guide: Build Your Own Latex Foam Mattress in 3 Simple Steps

Do It Yourself has become a trend that has taken off within recent years. Everything from cleaners to furniture can be done right in the comfort of your home and often cost less than their commercial counterparts. What if there was a way to build your own latex mattress from home without having to spend thousands? There are so many mattress combinations available now that it can be hard to know which mattress type is right for you—especially if you and your partner have different comfort levels and sleeping positions. That’s why a DIY latex mattress might be your ideal match.

Follow our DIY mattress guide below for help building and choosing a latex mattress that best accommodates your sleep needs.

How Do You Build Your Own Mattress?

Great news: learning how to build your own mattress is quick and easy! First, select from the mattress parts below, add them to your cart and watch your mattress build as you add another component. You can then compare your customized latex mattress with any mattress on the web if you know how it is made. The main advantage of being able to build your own latex mattresses is the zipper cover, which you can change or adjust your mattress with different layers and components. Continue with the steps below to build out your customized mattress creation!

Step 1: Choose Your Latex Mattress Support Layer

Deciding what kind of latex mattress support layer you want depends on if you want an all-latex mattress or a hybrid style—as well as what kind of support you need.

Option 1: Pocketed Coil

  • Quantum Edge Elite 6" height
  • Side rails deliver enhanced support for edges of mattress
  • Steel coils are tested 26% more durable than foam and bend 24% easier, meaning less wear and tear when used with an adjustable base.

Option 2: Dunlop and/or Talalay Latex

If you tend to prefer a more plush (soft) feeling for your sleeping surface, we recommend choosing Talalay, regardless of the firmness you choose. If you are looking for extra support, we typically recommend the Dunlop option. Regardless of which you choose, the Dunlop and Talalay Latex are two different processes. Having said that, each process produces latex that is far more durable and comfortable over its usable life than any other mattress material.

Step 2: Choosing Your Latex Mattress Comfort Layer

Determining the comfort layer for your mattress might seem confusing but it's actually quite easy. Just think about what kind of feel you enjoy when you’re sleeping, as well as your preferred sleeping position. Back and stomach sleepers typically enjoy a firmer feel, whereas side sleepers may want it a little softer. Sometimes you start out on your side and end up on your back or stomach so you may want something in between.

Option 1: Dunlop Latex

Dunlop latex offers firmer comfort and support, with firmness options ranging from soft to firm. Dunlop latex is durable and highly breathable, providing optimal temperature control throughout the year. Its open-cell structure promotes ventilation and helps reduce dust mites.

Option 2: Talalay Latex

100% Talalay latex offers extra plush comfort and support, with firmness options ranging from soft to firm. Just like with Dunlop, Talalay latex is durable and highly breathable, helping you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Its open cell structure creates superior ventilation that helps prevent sweating, reduces dust mites, and promotes a hygienic, healthy sleep.

Step 3: Your Latex Mattress Cover

Natural Quilted Covers

We take as much care in crafting our natural quilted covers as we do sourcing our latex. Each hand-sewn quilted cover is made of 100% natural cotton that has been quilted to natural wool. The 360° zipper makes assembly a breeze and allows you to replace and rearrange layers as needed, as well as remove them completely for spot cleaning and airing out. Replacement covers are available.

Step 4: Select an Optimized Bed Foundation (Optional)

Option 1: Adjustable Base Beds

The Ergomotion Adjustable Bed is the best compliment to any latex mattress. This free-standing motorized base fits easily within standard headboard/footboard configurations so that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort.

The Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Base is controlled by a wireless remote or voice activation, allowing you to easily raise and lower your head and feet to achieve the perfect position and quickly return to flat with the press of a button. Save up to 2 preset positions for quick adjustment. Improve your sleep and your health with the Ergomotion adjustable base bed.

If you would like additional information about our Ergomotion Adjustable Bed, check out the full product page here.

Option 2: Natural Wood Foundations

Our slatted natural wood foundations are kiln dried and made from all natural, heavy duty, northwest spruce wood. By design, our slatted foundations fit all standard sized bed frames, and can easily support up to 1500 pounds. To help ensure superlative airflow and maximum support, our foundation's slats run side to side, and each slat is spaced 2.75 inches apart.

Step 5: Shredded Latex Pillows (Optional)

Sleep more comfortably with this adjustable-fill shredded latex pillow. Helpful for avoiding neck pain, this is the perfect pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers because you control how thick your pillow is by removing as much or little fill as you need to create the most comfortable pillow that supports your sleeping style.

2 Popular Ways to Build a Mattress

All Foam, All Latex, Hybrid--- Coil + Foam or Latex

Sample DIY Mattress #1

Sample DIY Mattress #2

Final Thoughts on Creating a DIY Latex Mattress

Deciding to make your own mattress online can be a liberating experience since it allows you to select your desired mattress components layer-by-layer. And by choosing latex mattress materials, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re choosing a long-lasting, hygienic, and exceptionally comfortable mattress material type that will offer you an optimal return on your investment.